Sunday, 30 June 2013

25 years on

It has been impossible for me to get near the blog to reflect on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the episcopal consecrations by Archbishop Lefebvre. Such is life at the moment. I don't suppose I would have written anything different from what I have written in the past.

That said, the recent statement of the bishops of the SSPX suggests that they are all falling on one side of the split which I blogged about last year. Perhaps I will have some time this week to unpack that thought.

Meanwhile, Ttony mentions a new traditionalist Mass centre now operating in London. The incoherence with which Bishop Williamson - associated in some loose way with this centre - has rowed back from his initial declaration of ecclesial anarchism is something to behold. If, as Ttony fears, this becomes a new stick with which to beat those who are traditionally minded, I suspect it will be no more than a Dodd-like tickling stick.

That's all folks! Seriously little time for Ches at the moment. Oremus pro invicem, and for Archbishop Lefebvre, Bishop de Castro Mayer and the four men they elevated to the episcopal order on 30 June 1988. Excess zeal is arguably a lesser sin than its opposite. God have mercy on all of us, not just on those whose errors are patent to others.

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Ttony said...

I hope you're right about the tickling stick. I just see an economic base on each side which will ensure their continued presence. Does the LMS have a tenth of the resource of the SSPX Morgan branch?