Friday, 6 July 2012

Put not thy trust in princes

I fly to Chicago this morning, just as the heavens look like they are going to dump flood-worthy quantities of rain on the UK AGAIN for the umpteenth time this summer. It's 99 degrees in Chicago today - a figure that can only decently be referred to in relation to cricket or ice-cream. Bring on the sun cream. I'm not looking forward to being away from the family, but I am looking forward to some unfettered thinking time: thinking time about research but also about the extraordinary events of the spring and early summer which I have blogged about here.

As I write, the dust is still settling after the appointment of the new head of the CDF, Archbishop Gerhard Mueller. Let's dispense with the niceties. First, we should all pray for any man who has such responsibilities. Second, I am reluctant to come to any sweeping generalisations about the man since all we have seen on Rorate Caeli and elsewhere are short extracts from his works. Lastly, let him be judged on what he does at the CDF; not on what people fear he might do.

As for me, I am utterly horrified. Utterly horrified. There could be an argument and discussion about various points of Mueller's theology that have been highlighted on other sites, but one struck me as crucial and central. Thus, I would like to know who has 'misunderstood' the Eucharist because we refer to it as the Body and Blood of Christ. Some ancient Romans perhaps? Someone looking to create a numbskulled caricature? Yes to both. Nobody else really. I'm not familiar with academic theologians writing in German, so it is just possible that one of Mueller's stupider colleagues thought he was on safe ground denouncing the use of such language.

Anyway, as Scripture says: put not thy trust in princes. The hierarchy are not our favourite sports team or our hope and our salvation. As a bishop, Archbishop Mueller has my respect. As a theologian, he would quite properly reject any criticism which was not based on a proper scrutiny of what he has said when put in context. But as a red-blooded Catholic man, I would happily tell my brother Gerhard he's a fat head if he thinks referring to the Body of Christ is ill advised. And then I would make him say the Divine Praises a hundred times under duress!

Utterly horrified. But then what's new? Put not thy trust in princes.


Catholic Mission said...

Friday, July 6, 2012

There are two interpretations of Vatican Council II and they depend upon LG 8 and LG 16 being explicit or implicit.

SSPX should ask DI Noia to affirm Vatican Council II and avoid a schism.

The Left could be asking the pope to excommunicate the Society of St.Pius X and the SSPX could prevent this by acknowledging that there can be an interpretation of Vatican Council II with Lumen Gentium 8 and Lumen Gentium 16 implicit.

The Holy Spirit cannot make an error. The Holy Spirit cannot teach irrationality, like an explicitly known to us LG 8, LG 16 which contradicts AG 7 and the dogma on exclusive salvation.

Di Noia, according to the leftist La Stampa wants the SSPX to accept the demands of the Jewish Left.There are two in particular.

1) Jews do not have to convert in the present times.

2) Vatican Council II contradicts the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and they want this interpretation accepted.

The SSPX can respond :

1) The SSPX accepts implicit LG 8 and LG 16 which is in accord with Tradition and so Vatican Council II does not contradict the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.

In this way the SSPX affirms Vatican Council II and also the Biblical teaching that Jews need to convert (AG 7).

Bishop Bernard Fellay has signed the Doctrinal Preamble accepting Vatican Council II as a continuity with the past. This interpretation does not have the hermeneutuc of rupture.Vatican Council II according to Di Noia, Ladaria and Koch is a break with Tradition.

So as a follow up to the document signed it needs to be affirmed that LG 8 and LG 16 are always implicit. So there is nothing in Vatican Council II which contradicts the literal interpretation of the text of Cantata Domino, Council of Florence 1441.

As a Catholic I affirm Vatican Council II in accord with the dogma the SSPX could do the same. Ad Gentes 7 supports the dogma and LG 8 and LG 16 are not exceptions.

This interpretation is in agreement with the Holy Spirit’s teaching the Church throughout the centuries that there is exclusive salvation in only the Catholic Church.-Lionel Andrades

Archbishop Augustine Di Noia says the Holy Spirit preserves the Church from error including the interpretation of Vatican Council II- we now know there are two interpretations of Vatican Council II, which one is guided by the Holy Spirit ?


W.C. Hoag said...

For the next several years I fear with natural fear and hope with supernatural hope. God preserve us but we may all end up sedes after the next conclave!