Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Catholic shocker: new blogs abound!

I recommended Ben’s Poʊpəri a few weeks ago and here I am again recommending yet another blog. It is

Catholic Shockers

established by my friend and interlocutor Prof Bo Bonner of the Newman Centre at Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas (I really want to say US of A right now, but I will resist the temptation). He has only just got going but surf over there now and give him a slap on the back anyway. If I know Bo, he will among other things be fighting to keep alive, renew and enrich the intellectual heritage of Dr John Senior (pictured), that mighty analyst of literature and culture, whose work helped spawn a whole generation of Benedictine vocations.

Bo is an insightful essayist and a poet of talent. Here's hoping we get to see some of his efforts on the blog!

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Professor Bo Bonner, Obl. OSB said...

Ches, you are too kind. Not only do you allow me to pillage your translations for a first post, you immediately send people my way! Thank you very much sir, I am very much in your debt!