Friday, 4 November 2011


Ttony's going. I hope it was nothing I said, yet I fear that it was. Indeed, he says it was. Oh dear. I don't follow your logic, Ttony, but I sympathise enormously.

Well, good bye, old chum. Hope you'll come back one day. And in honour of your last post, here's another in keeping with the cold and chilly season that is settling in right now


ben ingledew said...

The disillusionment expressed in Ttony's blog reminds me of the opening act of the play "A Man for all Seasons" by Robert Bolt. I can remember feeling shocked the first time I read it but it seems history must always repeat itself.

Every second bastard born
is fathered by a priest.

But in Utopia that couldn't be.

For why?

-For there the priests are very holy.

-Therefore very few.

opening lines of "A Man for all Seasons" by Robert Bolt

Ttony said...

The problem is that you write too well for the blogosphere alone, and you do the thing that good writing does which is to make me see myself through a different lens.

What I realised was that this wasn't the Vichy of (say) August or September 1940, but of October 1942, or even after the German occupation of the South.

Collaboration with such a state is not an option, but the Church isn't a state, and the Bishops aren't just officials, and how I face up to what I should do, and how far I can presume to look into Bishops' sould to interpret their objections, are activities best conducted outwith the blog.