Wednesday, 14 September 2011

That fine balance

We're off to the hospital soon, we hope, but here's a final thought on today's events in Rome. As Rorate Caeli has indicated, on the one side La Porte Latine and the American website of the SSPX have posted in the last few days an excoriating denunciation of Assisi III. Now, I'm a critic of Assisi III, as I wrote here, but this text denounces it as worldly, liberal and modernist. It's pretty relentless. On the other hand, this morning on the same La Porte Latine, their Thought for the Day, drawn as usual from the sayings of Archbishop Lefebvre is the following:

Si Rome veut nous donner une véritable autonomie, celle que nous avons maintenant, mais avec la soumission, nous le voudrions. Nous l’avons toujours souhaité : être soumis au Saint Père ; pas question de mépriser l’autorité du Saint Père.

If Rome wants to give us veritable autonomy such as we have now, but with our submission, we would want it. We have always wished for it: to be submitted to the Holy Father; there is no question of despising the authority of the Holy Father

One the one hand, a clearly coordinated publication in French and English of a quite intemperate denunciation of the Holy Father, and on the other, sweet thoughts from the old Archbishop. It does make one wonder. As strong as they feel about Assisi III - and I'm with them in sentiment, though not in argumentation - is this really the time to publish such a document in the days before Bishop Fellay's meeting with Cardinal Levada? As Archbishop Lefebvre said on the day of the consecrations when the Papal Nuncio had sent a car to whisk him away to Rome, judge for yourselves the timeliness of such an intervention.

Or do we dare to suspect that a different hand is behind this publication and that its claims of approval are not true? It is very strange indeed.

Hope for the best; prepare for the worst, say I. Let us pray that wiser minds are running the show this morning.


Fr Ray Blake said...

My prayers for Chesalo and his mother, you did say a boy.

J. Christopher Pryor said...

My prayers are with you and your family. No blogging for two weeks, you will have to take care of Mrs. Ches!

All the best!