Tuesday, 13 September 2011

An SSPX deal? And a prayer request

Rumours are flying around the net of what might happen at the meeting between Cardinal Levada and Bishop Fellay tomorrow at the Vatican. The substance of the rumours is that Bishop Fellay "will be handed a two page document, containing the Church’s appraisal of the doctrinal discussions held in recent months between the Vatican and the Fraternity, approved by the Pope. It is an altogether brief but accurate document, which contains the answers to the problems raised in the discussions regarding the interpretation of the Second Vatican Council’s texts on religious freedom, ecumenism and ecclesiology." (see here) The SSPX could then be offered some kind of practical agreement.

I have been very sceptical about anything positive coming out of the recent talks, but of course Pope Benedict is the pope of surprises, and we know how committed he is to trying to solve this problem. That said, would the SSPX accept such a document? Unless it contained the beginnings of Rome renouncing what the SSPX denounces as errors against the Faith, then the likelihood is that they would not.

The tenor of the Le Figaro article referenced on Rorate Caeli today was that Rome would say that the SSPX's positions were compatible with the Faith. But anyone who thinks this is relevant is mistaken. What the SSPX seeks is Rome's recognition that its own teachings coming out of the Council are not compatible with the Catholic Faith.

I pray that the SSPX take any offer that is on the table. But I do not see how in their own logic they can do so. We should all pray very hard for Bishop Fellay and the SSPX over the next few days.


And speaking of prayers, please say a prayer for my wife as she goes into hospital tomorrow. We hope to be back home by Friday with baby in tow.


Deo volente said...

Have you seen this report on Rorate Caeli?

Thought for September 14th


James said...

100% accurate as always, Ches.

I cannot see Rome capitulating to the SSPX narrative in the manner and to the extent that would be necessary to bring them on board, at least the wing embodied by Bishops Williamson and Tissier de Mallerais.

All the same, prayers for Biishop Fellay and the SSPX at this time.
And prayers for you and Mrs Ches too!!

Ttony said...

Prayers for all at, or soon to be at chex Ches.

You are about to learn what tired means ...

Romanitas Press said...

Hope your wife is doing well!

Just a note that SSPX.ORG published yesterday the post-meeting interview of Bishop Fellay.