Friday, 12 August 2011

The nastiness of the long-distance mummer

I am not surprised to read that Fr Z is coming under attack from Phyllis Zagano, a fully qualified whinger for rights she has only just invented. Anyone who spends any time blogging finds their in-box filling from time to time either with openly aggressive, deliberately autistic bile masquerading as interaction, or with the more sinister forms of intimidation which the media age allows. I have had both.

Somehow, the distance which the internet creates also allows for the festering of some pretty hostile feelings which people do not normally allow themselves to indulge in. They then rant like tale-telling idiots behind a mask which deceives only them.

Only time will tell whether Zagano will abase herself to indulge in the nastiness of the long-distance mummer against Fr Z. We must hope she refrains. She will only look stupid in the end.

In the meanwhile, we send Fr Z our best wishes, pray for his ministry, and hope for better counsel for Zagano.


JARay said...

Yes Ches, I do understand that by having a blog, as you do, you lay yourself open to all sorts of unsavoury comments from people who match their comments.
I must say that I was a little disappointed a couple of weeks ago to discover that anything from me was quite unacceptable, even though I qualified as a "Follower". It now seems as if this sanction against me has been lifted, which gives me a better feeling than the one which I had when I clicked on to your blog this time to see what you were posting about.

Ches said...

Apologies, JARay, I thought Followers were able to comment. Eventually, I realised that practically nobody could! I was simply tightening up any chinks in the armour while the hackers brigade lost interest. You are of course always most welcome!