Thursday, 30 June 2011

How to defend the Church in the Public Square

This is quite a remarkable performance. Never mind the strategy; witness the fervour and the conviction.

Can't we make this priest Bishop of Portsmouth of something? I think they will be in need of a bishop pretty soon.


Richard Collins said...

Fantastic! - a few more like this man and the world would move on its axis.

JARay said...

Yes, such priests do exist...but they are too forthright in their affirmation of Catholic teaching to fit into the mold which seems to prevail amongst those favoured for advancement towards the episcopacy. It is only a couple of days ago that I witnessed a clip of ++Nichols being interviewed by the BBC and he was harangued by the interviewer on the matter of the ordination of women. When it was pointed out to him that the C of E had accomodated the ordination of women, he stuttered "Sure, sure, sure, sure. Who knows what lies ahead?!". Anyone wishing to see this segment can look at James Preece's blog "Catholic and Loving it". Compare and contrast ++Nichols and Fr.Rodriguez!

umblepie said...

Great post. Inspiring and encouraging. Thanks.

GOR said...

Yes, that was in El Paso, Texas. Now if the hierarchy in New York - especially Ab. Dolan - had delivered a similar impassioned address in Albany before the State vote on gay ‘marriage’, the outcome may have been different. Even some liberals expressed surprise at the lax opposition by the Catholic hierarchy of New York State on this issue.

As to Ab. Dolan’s lack of forceful opposition (he merely addressed it on a Radio show), that doesn’t surprise me at all. After experiencing his tenure in Milwaukee and a similar reluctance to engage the Wisconsin State legislature on moral issues with pending legislation, I did not expect him to be any different in New York. He is approachable, gregarious and expansive. He would be a fun guy to have a beer with - but he is no Raymond Burke, Fabian Bruskiewitz, Charles Chaput…or even Father Rodriguez.