Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter feast

A happy Easter to one and all! After three days of sacred ceremonies, I'm exhausted! So, I shall take the easy route out and post some pictures of our Easter dinner. Mrs Ches says 'hello' by the way.

The wine you can see is one of a batch of Australian merlot that we had blessed on the feast of Saint John. Er, I think we'll look at something else next year (sorry Australia).

For lunch we had duck aux myrtilles (that's blueberries), spuds and carrots roasted in the duck fat and buttery spinach.


Oh, yes, and now I'm off to face the aftermath...


Genty said...

But, but . . . . .
It's lamb at Easter and duck at Whitsun.
Mind you, I wouldn't have turned down an invitation to yours. Compliments to the chef.

Ches said...

Not in our house! Or should I say, not at lamb's prices!