Thursday, 31 March 2011

Here, there and everywhere

Sorry, guys, I went off for last weekend to a conference, spent two days in a school doing observations, and finally returned to HQ on Tuesday night only to fall prey to an end-of-term bug. Just my luck. Hence the failure to blog this week.

Hopefully, I can write something tomorrow, as long as I can drag myself from my sickbed. I have spent today ploughing through a novel by Claire Daudin entitled Le Sourire. It won the Grand prix catholique de la littérature last year and the story concerns a child with Hunter's Syndrome who communicates with a world of scientific rationalists, who dismiss the value of his life, by simply smiling - le sourire. More of that tomorrow, and more of the promised Bernanos from last week. Today I was just too much 'here, there and everywhere' to write anything cogent really. Which reminds me ...

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K Gurries said...

Ches, keep up the good work. Your music pieces remind me of a little side project that I started over here:

I know, some people will say: "what the..."? But the opening post explains my intent. Hope you have a look.