Thursday, 24 March 2011

Exercises in commuting

More Bernanos later but this morning my mind is dwelling on commuting. I am aboard the 7.30 from Paddington, and must be in harness and enlightening the ignorant by 9.00am. If only the 'train manager' would shut up for two seconds(bless him, it's his job), I might be able to have my own train of thought.

I suppose I only noticed for the first time today that it is now totally morning when I leave Paddington. In deepest winter, it was like night. A month or so ago, it was what I believe the Spanish call by the evocative name of la Madrugada. But now it is that kind of clean, rosy, mystical brightness which makes one think more readily of a morning near the Alps.

Is it only my fancy that my fellow passengers are also looking, well, sunnier? Nobody is looking less absorbed by their eletronic umbilical device, least of all this morning your blogging servant. Still, the mood seems lighter, smiles come more easily, and one has the feeling that any minute now, alongside the sun, a rash of courtesy might break out, doors might be held, and bluff one-liners could form on the lips of the tolerant commuters, delayed once more.

I have just had the feeling that I might begin veering in a Betjemanesque direction here, so let me draw a line and wish you all a good day. Anyone would think it's spring or something...


Anagnostis said...

"totally morning"

Okay - now you're freakin' me out.

Ches said...

Itis the end of term! But that is no excuse! My apologies!