Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The petition again

I've noted some interesting reactions to the Summorum Pontificum petition in the last few days and not always what I would have expected. Yesterday, I spoke to some SSPX supporters who were proud to have signed the petition. Their justification: they are sick to death of the absolutist tendency of some SSPX priests. On the other hand, someone has anonymously commented on the Petition post below, stating that they cannot accept No.s 1 and 2, since it must be all or nothing.

So what do 1 and 2 say?

We the undersigned...

1. Express our profound gratitude to Your Holiness for your personal liturgical example to the Universal Church. You are a true homo liturgicus whose love for the sacred liturgy is an inspiration; it teaches more clearly than words the centrality of the liturgy in the life of the Church.

2. Thank Your Holiness for your gift to the Church of your 2007 Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum. Since 2007 it has brought forth many fruits, including greater unity in the Church of Christ and a widespread enrichment of the liturgical life of the Church.

Okay, I can see why a hardline traditionalist might struggle with both these proposition. I can see why someone with a very literal mind might also struggle with No. 2. But, there is no doubt this petition ought to be backed.

Essentially, the Church does not operate by petition like this, but in another sense, it often does. Canonisation used to be the effect of petition: it still is in some senses. Likewise, popular consultation also used to be part of the process for the election of popes and bishops. One can see why democratic tendencies have got a bad press in recent years in the Church, but we cannot suppress the paradox for the sake of clarity.

'Widespread enrichment' in No. 2 is also perhaps a little embellished. But it depends how we understand it. Lord knows what graces have flowed because of Summorum Pontificum! How can anyone else calculate?

No, we should all sign the petition, Catholic and non-Catholic, traditionalist and non-traditionalist ... unless we are happy for the situation to return to pre-SP days without so much as a wimper.

Must dash for my train!


Sixupman said...

There are two basic arms of SSPX, clergy and congregations: neo-sedevacantist and the +Fellay element seeking a raprochement with Rome.

The real problem for SSPX lays not with BXVI, but with those elements of the Conciliar Church which, de facto, seek to create 'national churches' possessed of only nominal obeisabce to Rome. Not to mention the congregations where the lay rule the roost!

Anagnostis said...
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Anagnostis said...

As ever, your point is eminently sensible; but for any non-Catholic in good faith to "sign" this -

"[We] Turn to you with filial trust and as obedient sons..." clearly impossible. I do not turn to the Pope with filial trust, and however much I respect him personally, I certainly do not aspire to be one of his "obedient sons", not even with my fingers crossed behind my back.

Good wishes and support are one thing, but not at the price of perjury or schism!

Ches said...

So, instead of putting your diocese, put that you are not a Roman Catholic but would lament seeing a restriction of Summorum Pontificum.

Come on, man, use your imagination! ;-)

Anagnostis said...

Okay. Done (fingers crossed behind back).

Ches said...

You see! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Never mind the SSPX, what about the Sons of the Desert?

Will Fr. Michael Mary and the gang sign up? Or will they keep schtum?

WDTPRS said...

So if I've got this right, you want followers of the SSPX to sign the petition even though the non-SSPX traddies failed to join in the 2nd SSPX rosary crusade to free the Latin Mass?

Hypocrisy, stars (****** ***!) and expletives spring to mind.

Ches said...

If you think the SSPX supporters should show no support for Summorum Pontificum, then so be it. It appears in any case to bring you great satisfaction to feel everyone else is guilty of hypocrisy. Do pray for us, won't you?

WDTPS said...

Oh Ches, do you really need these strawmen to bail you out? Did I suggest that "SSPX supporters should show no support" or that the petition was the only way of showing support for Summorum Pontificum?

I can't help thinking about a film I saw recently, "The Scarlet and the Black". The main antagonist begging for help from the very organisation he'd tried to destroy. Well Ches Kappler in the words of Fr. O'Flaherty "I would rather go to hell" …

Cruise the Groove. said...

My wife and I assist at an FSSPX Mass twice per month and recieve absolution from FSSPX priests and we both signed this great petition.

I hope and pray, in this clarification, that there is a mandate for a TLM to be offered in every parish at some point in the next year.
In my diocese only four priests have learned to offer the TLM.
4 out of 200 parishes.