Friday, 21 January 2011

Skool's out

The end of the teaching week: the beginning of the human weekend. Here's a few thoughts on education from one of my favourite comedians, Mr Milton Jones! If you are a PE teacher, please look away now...


GOR said...

Well I thought the suggestion about 'marking' was insightful. Shades of the Irish Christians Brothers of an earlier time who certainly made their mark (no, not that way) and without using mattresses!

GOR said...

Having mentioned the Irish Christian Brothers – a reminiscence.

The brother teaching English in my first year in Secondary School was a Brother David. His was an imposing presence – over six feet tall and built proportionately. Not a man to use mundane instruments of torture such as rulers and pointers, Br. David had a ‘weapon of mass correction’. Made by the local cobbler (thanks, Mr. O’Brien…) it consisted of five strips of leather sewn together to form what looked like the old-fashioned strop barbers used back then for honing cut-throat razors.

He would maintain that it was “the best present I ever got”. And much as the first victims of that new-fangled French invention, the guillotine, were likely not impressed with its reputation for efficiency, we also disagreed - but out of Brother’s hearing.

Being on the receiving end of the employment of this ‘corrective device’ on a cold winter morning may have done nothing to spark the intellect, but it did serve to concentrate the mind.

As they say in Ireland: “God be with the days!”