Saturday, 6 November 2010

Stag 'Do' No. 1

Today is Stag 'Do' No. 1. A late lunch with pals in Reading, followed by a hike which is brief enough to match our lack of fitness but long enough to justify another drink at a country pub!

There is nothing like getting together with old chums. Actually, there will be a variety of stalwarts from the olden days, as well as a bevy of more recent pals. I'm struggling to get past the remainder of a cold which has insinuated itself into the week like some microbial Iago. But I feel sure that when I catch sight of the boys later, my heart will fill with joy, even as my wallet quails in terror (note to the future Mrs Ches: 'That's a joke ;-).

Anyway, dear reader, I'm sorry you cannot be there but one has to draw the line somewhere. Depending on how I feel I might be late.

Don't wait up.


Moretben said...

Cheers, Ches! Have a geat day!

Victoria Mildew said...

Make sure they don't leave you tied to a Stile!
Have a great time and watch out for the whisky chasers!!
Saturday 6th Nov 12.11pm UK GMT