Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Mac needs cheering up

Fellow blogger and noted knee sufferer Mac at Mulier Fortis needs cheering up. Do stop by and say something for her amusement.

Meanwhile, Mac, try this technique. Take any silly word you like the sound of - for the exercise, let's say 'sausages' - and see how many film titles you can alter using your chosen WMD (word of mass divertissement). Thus, for example:

The Lord of the Sausages

One Flew Over the Sausage Nest

A Few Good Sausages

A Fist Full of Sausages

Sausage Trek

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Sausages

or the classic Vietnam movie: Full Metal Sausage

It works equally well with operas - The Sausage of Figaro - and with song titles - Somewhere Over the Sausage.

Try this and I guarantee it will bring a smile to even the most drab evening.

Hope you're feeling cheerier soon!


Mac McLernon said...

Yes, it did make me smile. But, IMHO, "haddock" works better than "sausage"

Dominic Mary said...

Mac; always remember that someone - was it leutgeb - got there first : the Welsh National Anthem 'My hen had a haddock' !