Friday, 10 September 2010

Is it me?

I just followed a link to the Catholic Voices post about Mark Dowd's programme on BBC Radio 4 yesterday. Here is a sample:

He speaks to young Catholics who think the best thing about being a Catholic is how you can "pick and mix what you believe", as well as objectors to a Mass for gay people in London, who think that the fact that the Mass is approved by both the Archbishop of Westminster and the Vatican proves that only a "very small remnant" will be saved at the end.


Dowd concludes the Church is more "polarised" now between "traditionalists" and "progressives" but at the same time "more Catholic" -- in the sense of "universal" -- than 28 years ago. Superb.

Help me out, somebody. What is superb here? Dowd's journalism? The picture of the disaster that this programme draws? I feel like I'm looking at a picture of carnage and being told to admire the camera angle! Never mind the devastation, be amazed at the judicious lighting.

Is it me? If James Preece is still smarting about being shouldered out of Catholic Voices, he might want to think again.


Anthony Ozimic said...

No, John Smeaton and I have similar concerns about Catholic Voices, in particular Austen Ivereigh and Jack Valero.

Moretben said...

One hears all the time about how the Catholic Church is "more polarised" today than a generation (or whatever) ago. It's not true; it's just that one "pole" has been compelled of late to take notice of the other one, the one it tried to make disappear by redesigning the compass.

JARay said...

I would have to agree with Anthony Ozimic.