Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A burly defence of the pope

When you have a minute, whizz over to The Telegraph and read Michael Burleigh's scintillating article on Pope Benedict and intolerance towards him. My favourite passage is this one:

In choosing the name Benedict, the Pope linked himself with Benedict XV, the pope who tried to halt the carnage of the Great War, and, in a much longer frame of reference, St Benedict of Nursia, whose rule is the basis of the entire Western monastic tradition which preserved Europe's culture through the Dark Ages. The universities can no longer be trusted to perform this function since they have become both beacons of relativism and cash-and-carries.

Go have a look-see.

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Paulinus said...

He's a top bloke, Michael Burleigh. Have you read Blood and Rage? His article in the DT hit several nails squarely on the head.