Friday, 27 August 2010

In the desert

I am currently enjoying a few days break in the far west of Wales where, to my surprise, I have found an internet connection! When I say the far west, I do not of course mean to imply the 'wild west'. But more of that anon.

I am as it happens staying with my bethrothed's family, and so it was that yesterday morning we found ourselves at a loose end and willingly jumped in the car to zip up to Dolgellau ...

Where in the middle of the town we came across a Carmelite nun doing her shopping. We had known there was a Carmel in the town but had no idea where to find it. Until Sister Pauline Mary came to our rescue. She took our names with all the enthusiasm of someone you know will pray very hard for you and then directed us to their little oasis where we prayed in the desert, the desert which is twenty-first century Wales.

And the wild west? Well, Sister PM was from San Francisco. What on earth she was doing in the west of Wales I cannot say. Avoiding the gay culture? That's possible of course. I prefer to think she was there praying over the barren rock of the British Isles.

Belmont tomorrow. Happy thought.


Richard said...

Hey, now! There's more to San Francisco than gays. There's tourist attractions, too! And the annual Walk for Life West Coast, where all us religious people descend upon the city and terrify the locals.

GOR said...

The Internet has reached Wales??? No doubt the Prince Of That Ilk had a hand in this, yes? In between saving trees and defending all religions? Or maybe it was Al Gore, seeing as he really knows how to massage data…

OK, I’ll stop now. Glad that you could find a connection while there, Ches. Planning to stick around for the Ryder Cup, are you?

Ches said...

Richard! As I say, she was probably there to pray over the barren British Isles! Hope you can make it back here one day and not be stopped by a volcano.

GOR, the only golf I've ever played was on the crazy-golf course! I've a feeling that's probably a wild insult ;-)